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This library provides an integration of Tailwind CSS for Django that is using on the precompiled versions of the Tailwind CSS CLI.

The goal of this library is to provided the simplest possible Tailwind integration for your Django project. It took its inspiration from the Tailwind integration for Phoenix which completely skips the neccesity of a node installation.


  1. Install the library.
python -m pip install django-tailwind-cli
  1. Add django_tailwind_cli to INSTALLED_APPS in
    # other Django apps
  1. Configure the STATICFILES_DIRS parameter in your if not already configured.
  1. Add template code.
{% load tailwind_cli %}
  {% tailwind_css %}
  1. Start the debug server.
python tailwind runserver


Checkout the detailed installation guide if you want to activate browser reload or the runserver_plus management command known from django-extensions.


  • Simplest possible integration.
  • Management commands:
  • To start the Tailwind CLI in watch mode during development.
  • To build the production grade CSS file for your project.
  • To start a debug server along with the Tailwind CLI in watch mode in a single session.
  • Necessary configuration to adapt the library to your project, when the defaults don't fit you.
  • A template tag to include the Tailwind CSS file in your project.
  • A base template for your project.
  • A sane tailwind.config.js that activates all the official plugins and includes a simple HTMX plugin.


Python 3.9 or newer with Django >= 3.2.


The documentation can be found at


If you want to contribute to this project, checkout the development guide for details to get your dev environment up and running.


This software is licensed under MIT license.